This blog is about living with lush: experiencing life, falling in love with places, cultures and people, getting to cherish your travels, sharing emotions, delighting your senses …And, I believe, that can only be done when you get across the right places. The ones.

None of the moments I described above were “monetary” luxury, that you could have bought with cash, but sublime experiences that I want to categorize as “Lushury”: The place where luxury is the experience and it comes hand by hand with your most wild adventures and emotions, those that shake out inner self and make us feel fully alive.

Quality in tourism & leisure businesses is no longer a thing we should expect to be a “bonus”; it is supposed to be there, like icing on a cake. That, and because I believe quality is an obsolete concept, is why I won’t talk about it. This blog is about excellent places, overwhelming experiences, wowing service that go beyond our expectations and enticing people and cultures.

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