Do you remember The Matrix? That scene where Neo visits the Oracle and she fills him into a little secret?

 “Being the one is just like being in love. No one needs to tell you are in love, you just know it through and throug ….”

Strange as it might seem, at the moment of deciding on putting down the first words for this new blog, this precise sentence came to my mind.

Ever since I watched that movie, I have been inspired by those words. So powerful, so true, so intense … and it is not just about love I am talking about, but about all those things in life that are meaningful to us and that make us believe we are in the right place at the precise right moment …

Neo, even though he is indeed “the one”, does hesitate when the Oracle asks him how he feels about it. I myself have had moments of doubt, both in love and in life, and I have been wrong many times about picking up “the one”, be it a person or a choice to make. I have been mislead by others, thinking at that very moment, “they” were “the ones” …

So, you might be wondering, how are we supposed to know? Well, I believe you need to experience “the one” to truly know how you are supposed to feel about it; after that instant, you will never ever hesitate again. You will know for sure, in the deepest of your soul: If it is for real, the feeling will stay and it will continue giving you pleasure even after the moment is gone…. If it was a fraud, the feeling will walk away and you will have to remember that the search for improvement (not necessarily perfection) must simply continue in yourself.

I confess I have only had a few perfect moments like that in my life, but I can also assure you I will never forget them. I can remember for instance a sunset walk on the beach in Jambiani (south Zanzibar) or a boat trip in Tortuguero (Costa Rica) when the sun was setting; a moment of mental peace in the unbearable buzz of New Dehli (India), a broad smile from a kid in Sri Lanka after the tsunami; the bliss of running down a volcano cone into a lagoon in Ecuador, the adrenaline rushing through my veins while rafting 5 grade rapids in Uganda, a magical sunrise in the island of Maui (Hawaii) or the craziness of watching whales from a tiny rubber boat in Northern Quebec …

Do I make any sense so far? I guess I don’t, so let me throw some light into it …

This blog is about living with lush: experiencing life, falling in love with places, cultures and people, getting to cherish your travels, sharing emotions, delighting your senses …And, I believe, that can only be done when you get across the right places. The ones.

None of the moments I described above were “monetary” luxury, that you could have bought with cash, but sublime experiences that I want to categorize as “Lushury”: The place where luxury is the experience and it comes hand by hand with your most wild adventures and emotions, those that shake out inner self and make us feel fully alive.

Quality in tourism & leisure businesses is no longer a thing we should expect to be a “bonus”; it is supposed to be there, like icing on a cake. That, and because I believe quality is an obsolete concept, is why I won’t talk about it. This blog is about excellent places, overwhelming experiences, wowing service that go beyond our expectations and enticing people and cultures.

Are you ready to travel-lush with me? If you are, let’s walk together … we are on track!!

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Sean Collins · noviembre 13, 2015 a las 10:37 pm

Let’s go!

    Mun Bau · noviembre 17, 2015 a las 2:08 am

    Hey Sean!! Cool!!! Thanks so much!
    Already in sweet Bali. Come over to Ubud, let’s take a nice vinyasa flow class 😉

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