Mun Bau is my name and also my personal brand

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After a few years working as an employee in different companies and later on founding my own business with a partner, the time has come to fly solo!

I am curious and restless, with the soul of an entrepreneur.  I am always searching for new horizons where to land my dreams and I am confident that anyone who knows me would agree I have a “kindled spirit”.
Although I am in love with my little land, Catalonia, I am currently creating a new professional dynamic that will allow me to operate from any location in the world, as a digital nomad.

After more than fifteen years of experience as a consultant and trainer in the tourism and leisure industries, I am now committed to help building a better World. I am certain I can do that by using my intellectual capital, knowledge, and expertise to develop socially, environmentally, and economically responsible projects that will enable me to give back for all the privileges I’ve been blessed with.

Life’s too short to hesitate so, whenever you are ready to take off, I am!